Examples of the best universities in the UK

The UK has a number of the top rated universities around the world and the following are a few of the best.

There are apparent major universities in the UK, which frequently feature in the world university rankings for assorted subjects, and one of them is nestled in the east of England, and the other is west of London. The one in the east, Cambridge University, was formed in 1209 making it one of the oldest higher educational institutions in the English-speaking world. Being such a distinguished place, it is no surprise that it has an extensive list of popular alumni, including philosophers, state leaders, monarchs, poets and many other careers. Having such notable alumni suggests the university receives more donations than most other universities around the globe, such as the hugely generous donation made by Bill Janeway, who helped to develop a financial economics professorship.

A very famous university in the west of England, close to the boundary of Wales is Bristol University. The historic city has a long history with knowledge as the university was established way back in 1595, although back then it was recognised as Merchant Ventures School. The university has continuously ranked well in the academic ranking of world universities and is a member of the set of educational institutions in the UK that are research-intensive. Funding for a higher educational institution the size of Bristol cannot be satisfied by the rates spent by pupils alone, therefore along with the funding from the government, the university gets charitable donations from noteworthy people, like Hugh Sloane. The charitable donations from these people can help finance the development of new departments, places to stay or even entire campuses. Expanding and improving a university is essential if it intends to stay one of the top universities of the UK.

The UK has a good deal of excellent universities and in particular London has multitude of awesome ones itself; this is certainly not unusual considering it is the capital and largest city in the nation. The city has a genuinely great night life which is a factor for so many university students settling on where to go to university, which helps to show why the city has a lot of students. The city is a great place for museums, art galleries and other exciting things to do, but likewise it is a perfect location to start a career, therefore if you learn there you will not have to move soon after you graduate to have a plethora of potential work on your front doorstep. At present it is established that the city is an awesome location to be a student, it is important to really assess possible top universities. Just one among the best universities in the UK, specifically for economics and business is the London School of Economics, which has so many excellent alumni and also honorary fellows, like Victor Dahdaleh who has donated funds to the university. The university only offers Bachelor of Science degrees so it obviously sways more toward the statistical and scientific study of various subjects.

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